Get Certified

TRUST Certification lends reassurance to hobbiests and honor to vendors. Publicly announce your competence and join the ranks of top-tier vendors!


TRUST has developed digital tests covering all aspects of tarantula keeping. These tests cover many facets that promote the health, safety, and vitality of the animals we so dearly love. Submit to each of the tests and pass with at least 90% accuracy to attain our Silver Certification. Earning this certification will exhibit your mastery over tarantula keeping. You will then be awarded a physical certificate and an award package, as well as being listed on our Certified Vendors page. Proudly display the TRUST Certification logo on your website and announce your accomplishment!

Take your certification to the next level and submit to a physical inspection of your collection/inventory. This can be done in-person or via virtual meeting. Vendors who can show they not only have knowledge and understanding of adequate care, but that they put these standards to practice, will earn Gold Certification. This is the highest degree of TRUST Certification and the most esteemed tarantula care award in the hobby. Reap additional benefits and further stand out amongst the crowd. Vendors attaining Gold Certification will be reputed to be the best in the business. As with Silver, you will receive a physical certificate and award package, as well as being spotlighted on our Certified Vendors list.

Alternatively, show mastery over individual topics with our Bronze Certification. This is awarded when one or more digital test is satisfied.

Our standards are published and available for use. The online tests were developed in tandem with the publication. All expectations for standards of care can be found therein. Physical inspections will seek to provide evidence that these standards are upheld during your course of business. There are a total of 4 tests, each containing 20-25 multiple choice questions.


Individual Test (Two Attempts) - $14

Bronze Certification $28 - includes physical certificate and award package

Silver Certification $98 - includes physical certificate and award package; added to Certified Vendors list

Gold Certification $198 - includes physical inspection (30 Minutes), physical certificate and award package; added to Certified Vendors list

Certification Renewal $98 - includes testing and/or inspection

TRUST is not-for-profit. All proceeds will be used to cover expenses such as domain, print/ship costs, marketing, and other accounts used in the certification process. The remaining will be donated to charity organizations. All TRUST Certifications are valid for 1 year and must be renewed each year.